Beamline for schools competition, classroom activities, & Girls, do physics!

Submitted by sgillani on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 14:01

Experiments at a world-leading accelerator centre: CERN and DESY are looking forward together to the next edition of Beamline for Schools in 2019. This year’s winning teams will be invited to DESY in Germany to carry out their proposed experiment at a fully-equipped accelerator beamline. Do not miss your chance, register now und submit your proposal by 31 March 2019 (

Low cost experiments for your classroom: Over the past year, the S’Cool LAB team collected and developed ideas how to introduce particle physics in your classroom in a hands-on way. Today, we are proud to present "A hands-on tour through particle physics on a small budget". Did you ever wonder which elementary particle fits your personality best? Find out more in our games section.

Girls, do physics! The International Particle Physics Outreach Group IPPOG launched a pilot Instagram campaign which aims to inspire and encourage girls from primary, secondary and high schools to expose their physics skills and maybe to get inspired to pursue their studies in physics and STEM related subjects. To learn more about this initiative, follow IPPOG on Instagram @ippogorg #GirlsDoPhysics