How to become a S'Cool LAB tutor

Your profile:

  • You like to discuss physics with high school students and teachers
  • You like to perform hands-on experiments
  • You have a physics background or you are interested in physics and willing to learn more
  • You are able to help with S'Cool LAB workshops on a regular basis (at least 1-2 times per month)
  • You are willing to participate in special training sessions (normally on Tuesdays, 17:30-19:00)

Is that you? Then please follow these steps to become a tutor:

  1. Subscribe to e-group,
  2. Take part in the mandatory online general safety training course
    • Don't forget to request access to the S'Cool LAB keys: ​Access request for 0143K1-001 (keys for cupboards in S'Cool LAB​)
    • Attention: Make sure you have followed the required online safety courses for this zone:
      • Chemical safety awareness: enrol here
      • Electrical Safety - Awareness - Fundamentals: enrol here
      • Radiation Protection - Supervised Area: enrol here
    • The room key can be obtained in the visit service office 33/R-004​ during working hours.
  3. Sign up for specific training courses for our experiments: S'Cool LAB category on INDICO  
    • ​The number of participants for each session is limited, please register for all trainings via INDICO
  4. ​If you want to prepare yourself, you can find all our preparation material (safety forms, worksheets, presentations …) in documents for tutors (only for members of the e-groups "scoollab-tutors" or "scoollab-news")
  5. Shadowing: 
    • ​​Before you lead a session in S'Cool LAB on your own, you must "shadow" a session led by an experienced tutor.
    • When you are ready to shadow, find an upcoming S'Cool LAB session in the CERN visits agenda, send an e-mail with your prefered dates and times to - the S'Cool LAB team will reply to confirm your shadow session. 
  6. To register as a tutor for a S'Cool LAB session, please use the CERN visits agenda​​.
  7. (If you are interested in S'Cool LAB news in general (open positions, new educational material, application deadlines for our programmes) please subscribe to

We hope to see you soon in the LAB!

In case of further questions: contact
If you don´t want to become a tutor, but you are interested in S'Cool LAB news, please subscribe to