Material Loan

S’Cool LAB’s scientifico-educatif material available for education & outreach activities by CERN Personnel only

S’Cool LAB has many different scientific instruments and education materials that are used for our official teacher and student programmes. When they are not needed, we are happy to loan them. The list of available materials can be found below.

If you would like to use any of them for an education or outreach event, please fill out our material rental request on the CERN Service Portal. The loan is free of charge. Please note that our own programmes have priority, therefore, we cannot guarantee the availability of the materials for your event.

We expect you to pick up and return the materials at S’Cool LAB (143/R-003).


List of available scientifico-educatif materials:

Cloud Chamber

A kit of 10 small-seized cloud chambers, includes torch lights and empty isopropanol bottles. The activity organizer has to procure isopropanol and dry ice by themselves.



Superconductor kit

Collection of superconductors and magnet for demonstration of quantum levitation (Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect, Flux-Pinning). The activity organizer has to procure liquid nitrogen by themselves.

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Radiation education kit

Hawkeye/Advacam Minipix EDU pixel detector, experimental stage, radioactive sources below the licencing limits, laptop with data acquisition software.

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Dosimeter and Geiger-Müller counter

Radioactive sources below the licencing limits also available

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2D- and 3D-quark puzzles


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Salad-bowl accelerators