Practical Information

Practical Information

The list below presents important practical and logistical information for teachers applying for or participating in S'Cool LAB Workshops. It is not intended to replace the information presented on the CERN visits service website and the associated Frequently Asked Questions, which teachers should also read.


COVID-19: Please note that CERN visits underlie the current sanitary measures. For more information, please read

  Closure of S’Cool LAB by the end of 2022

After 8 very successful years and almost 40 000 visitors, it is time to say goodby to S’Cool LAB.

CERN is building a new science centre, the CERN Science Gateway (, its new flagship for science education and outreach.

Since the Science Gateway complex will span over the building housing S’Cool LAB, unfortunately, this popular hands-on and minds-on laboratory will be closed by end of 2022. As consequence, we cannot accept workshop bookings for November 2022 and beyond.

At the same time, we are really looking forward to the opening of Science Gateway in Summer 2023. Science Gateway will host two new science education labs with an extended offer of hands-on and minds-on activities for learners as of the age of 5, and offer new educational Science Shows.

We invite you to check the Science Gateway website ( regularly for information about the construction’s progress and the opening date, and for information about the new educational activities and their booking.

Stay tuned!


S'Cool LAB Workshops are available Monday - Friday between 9:00 and 17:15.

Note: We do not offer any workshops on weekends or official CERN holidays. In addition, S'Cool LAB will be closed completely during our winter shutdown from 17 December 2021 to 17 January 2022.


Target audience: S'Cool LAB Workshops are designed for high school students and their teachers. 

Group size:

  • minimum 12 students (not including accompanying adults)
  • maximum 24 students (not including accompanying adults)

For S'Cool LAB Cloud Chamber Workshops only: groups of more than 24 students may be accepted but can be divided and two consecutive cloud chamber workshops will be planned, one for each group.

Groups of more than 24 students are not eligible for S'Cool LAB PLUS+. It is not possible to divide the group for S'Cool LAB PLUS+, not even when applying for consecutive days.

Minimum age:

  • For Cloud Chamber Workshops only: all participants must be at least 14 years old at the time they participate in the workshop.
  • For S'Cool LAB PLUS+ only: the minimum age depends on the experiments to be carried out. Please see the individual experiments listed on our Experiments page for details.

S'Cool LAB Workshops are offered free of charge

Travel expenses, accomodation and meals are not covered by CERN.


CERN unfortunately cannot offer school groups any space for pick-nicks. School groups taking part in S'Cool LAB activities can buy lunch in CERN's cafeteria, where there is a wide range of options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Eating and drinking are forbidden in S'Cool LAB.

  Language Requirements

S'Cool LAB activities are delivered by S'Cool LAB tutors, who are specially-trained volunteers from CERN's international scientific community. Every effort is made to recruit and train tutors who speak a variety of languages, and to match them to the requirements of visiting groups. However, this is not always possible, so S'Cool LAB workshops must often be offered in English instead.

In particular for S'Cool LAB PLUS+, English is the language used for our physics education research and written instructions for the experiments. Students should therefore be able to understand written and spoken English to at least B1 level.

  Physics Requirements

To help students make the most of their S'Cool LAB activities, teachers are expected to prepare their students. The S'Cool LAB Experiments page includes details about key physics concepts for each experiment and lists supporting resources which teachers may find useful.


CERN is a public laboratory. Photography is permitted (and encouraged!) on CERN guided tours and during S'Cool LAB activities. Several S'Cool LAB experiments are quite photogenic, and we encourage students to take pictures of their work and share them with others #SCoolLAB #CERN.

  Location & Meeting Point

S'Cool LAB, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Meeting Point: CERN Reception (Bld. 33) Please arrive at the CERN Reception 15 minutes before your workshop starts.

  Application Procedure
  1. Book a guided tour for school groups via the CERN visit service website.

  2. Once you have a confirmed guided tour at CERN, login with your account and submit your application for S'Cool LAB here.

  3. Our team will take care of your request within a week. We will reply whether your application was successful or not, depending on the availability of S'Cool LAB and the group details.

Due to the high number of requests, we cannot guarantee the LAB's availability on your requested dates. Note we do not consider any applications from groups without a confirmed CERN tour ID number.