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Closure of S'Cool LAB by the end of 2022 - We do not accept any new Online Science Show bookings. Click here for more information.

Learn physics in a fun way, with our interactive online science shows. School classes can participate both from the classroom and from home!

Two shows have been developed so far: It's Just a Phase! and Superconductors take off!

It’s Just a Phase!


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a wizard or a witch, but your parents kept saying: “It’s just a phase”? What happens if we combine magic and the phases of matter? Pour in a lot of fun and some liquid nitrogen, mix it well and you get... science!

During this online and interactive science show, you will be guided by our CERN tutors through super-cool experiments and might even learn how to build your own particle detector at home.


About: Phases of mater and phase transitions

Duration: 60 min

Recommended for ages 12 - 16 (Middle school classes)

Minimum and maximum number of participants: 25 – 80




Superconductors take off!


During this online science show on superconductors, we will learn about the fantastic phenomenon of superconductivity, the Meissner effect, and zero resistance. But above all, we will do astonishing experiments and make unbelievable observations. Learn more about superconductors and why they are indispensable for operating the world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

About: Introduction to superconductivity, zero resistance, Meissner effect, flux pinning, and applications of superconductors

Duration: 60 min

Recommended for ages 14 - 18 (High school classes, prior knowledge of phase transitions and the basics of electromagnetism is recommended)
Minimum and maximum number of participants: 15 – 80





Supplemental information

This online activity, offered by us free of charge, is suitable for classroom teaching as well as home schooling. All needed for participation is a computer/tablet with speakers and internet browser (+projector if in classroom).

Available languages: English (default), French, German, Slovenian, Finnish, Italian, Spanish.

Please note that by default the shows are programmed in English. S’Cool Lab activities are delivered by S’Cool Lab tutors, who are specially trained volunteers from CERN’s international scientific community. Every effort is made to recruit and train tutors who speak a variety of languages, and to match them to the requirements of our science shows.

Format: Zoom videoconferencing platform – format webinar (Microphones and cameras of all attendees are switched off during the show.)

Equipment needed: To participate in this activity, classes must have the following equipment available: computer or tablet connected to the Internet, speakers for sound, web browser, and projector. The same equipment is required for students participating from home, except the projector.

Interactivity: We use the Zoom functions Chat, Poll, and Q&A to interact with the audience.

Booking: Our shows are reserved for school classes, other educational institutions, and events such as online science festivals. For booking, please contact us via the form on our homepage.