Particle Physics Games

Would you like to introduce your students to particle physics through games? Do you have some spare time at the end of the year and need something educational to occupy your students? Do you love both board games and particle physics?

There are a number of particle physics games that you can use in the classroom that are freely available.

  • Particle Identities by Julia Woithe, Hashim Syed, Irtaza Syed, Susanne Dührkoop, Lachlan McGinness, Kitti Lai, Alex Brown
    An online personality quiz consisting of 7 questions and explanations to find out which elementary particle fits your personality best. Particle designs from The Particle Zoo. Available in 12 Languages. Material: Online quiz (URL: Offline Version can be downloaded for different OS: MACOSX, Windows, Linux (Download, Extract the .zip file and read the instructions.txt file)
  • Particle Builder (Particle Physics Board Game) by Lachlan McGinness, Harri Leinonen and Rowan McGinness
    A board game designed to introduce students in groups of 2-3 players to particle physics at different difficulty levels. Material: Boardgame, cards, and instructions
  • Elementary particle cards by Netzwerk Teilchenwelt
    A set of 61 particle cards including particle properties to introduce elementary particles into the classroom with different activities such as sorting exercises, triplet game, four corners game. Material: English cards & English instructions (German and Spanish versions available online)