S'Cool LAB is permanently closed since November 2022

From 2014 to 2022, S’Cool LAB was a Physics Education Research facility at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Over 8 very successful years, S'Cool LAB offered almost 40.000 visitors, high school students and their teachers, the chance to take part in hands-on & minds-on particle physics experiment sessions on-site at CERN. Participating in S'Cool LAB has allowed students to get a glimpse of life and work in a world-leading international research institute. By getting hands-on with physics in S'Cool LAB, students have made discoveries independently, learnt to work scientifically and applied their knowledge in a new setting. Students also have had the chance to engage directly with members of CERN's scientific community. Activities in S'Cool LAB have not just been fun experiences for students and teachers visiting CERN. We also have carried out physics education research projects with the help of our participants.

Find our more about all our ongoing and future training and education programmes: education.cern




Our programmes will be back with the opening of CERN Science Gateway (http://sciencegateway.cern), our new flagship for science education and outreach. Science Gateway will host two new science education labs with an extended catalogue of hands-on and minds-on activities for learners as of the age of 5, new exhibitions, and new educational science shows.


In the waiting time for Science Gateway, you can still benefit from our catalogue of activities for the classroom and at home: