What is S'Cool LAB?

S’Cool LAB is a Physics Education Research facility at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, Switzerland

We offer high school students and their teachers the chance to take part in hands-on & minds-on particle physics experiment sessions on-site at CERN. Participating in S'Cool LAB activities enables teachers to give their students a glimpse of life and work in a world-leading international research institute. By getting hands-on with physics in S'Cool LAB, students can make discoveries independently, learn to work scientifically and apply their knowledge in a new setting. Students also have the chance to engage directly with members of CERN's scientific community. Activities in S'Cool LAB are not just a fun experience for students and teachers visiting CERN. We also carry out education research with the help of our participants. Find out more about our physics education research projects.


How can teachers and students get involved?

Our opportunities for high school teachers and students to participate in S'Cool LAB activities are:

  • S'Cool LAB Cloud Chambers: High school students build their own particle detectors using simple equipment in this 90-minute hands-on workshop.
  • S'Cool LAB PLUS+: High school groups contribute to our education research by taking part in hands-on particle physics experiment sessions.

Have also a look at our catalogue of activities for the classroom and home:

  • Classroom activities: A collection of ideas how to introduce particle physics in a hands-on way. These low-cost activities require materials accessible to everyone and some of them require 3D-printed materials.
  • Online activities: Having experienced the stop of all on-site activities during the pandemic, we now focus more on online activities. Especially, we propose two live and interactive science shows about phase transitions and superconductivity, particularly adapted for remote schooling.
  • Digital PET Learning Module: In this learning module about Positron-Emission-Tomography (PET), students help saving our virtual patient while learning about the physics of PET!

Click on the links below to find out more about these opportunities.

Closure of S'Cool LAB by the end of 2022 - Click here for more information.

CERNies: Get involved!

S'Cool LAB relies on volunteers from CERN's scientific community to deliver our programmes. If you work at CERN and are interested in becoming a S'Cool LAB tutor, or if you want to learn more about our Open Cloud Chamber Workshop for CERN people, visit our web pages for CERNies (CERN login required).